Global Leadership Excellence

Excellent leadership requires the ability to thrive in the international arena; while dealing effectively with different work views, business practices and customs.

The problem is that many Leaders become disoriented and confused.  They struggle to acquire the skills needed to develop trusting relationships with international counterparts.

The Global Leadership Excellence Program supports Leaders who experience an level of ‘culture shock’ and intercultural challenge. Whether you are transitioning teams, location or simply dealing with a multi-cultural environment, you need to learn how to practice powerful self-leadership, in order to survive and thrive in, what can often be seen as, challenging situations.

The Global Leadership Excellence Program is a 6-month coaching experience which includes the following:

  • Intensive individual coaching session (3 per month)
  • Global leadership assessment (used by thousands of international managers from over 100 different countries).
  • Customized development plan
  • Comprehensive goal setting
  • Access to additional cultural and leadership resources
  • 24/7 email support via the Culture-Conscious International Online Journal*

*The Culture-Conscious International Online Journal is a secure online platform where you can take notes and reflect on your experiences and challenges.  I will be notified very time you make an entry and I will respond to you in a timely manner.  This frequent 2-way communication with your coach creates a supportive and efficient environment in which to process your thoughts, insights, goals and growth.


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“Adjusting to another culture requires a major, sustained effort under less than ideal circumstances; people don’t shed their instincts and change their behavior without a struggle, but the effort will be handsomely rewarded.”

—Craig Storti, The Art of Crossing Cultures



Testimonial only coaching page

"We partnered with Jan (Culture-Conscious International, LLC) to provide managerial training on cultural communication skills. The program was exceptionally designed; an appropriate mix of content and behavioral learning. The program helped us improve the execution of our performance appraisal process for our multicultural workforce."

—Linda Stokes,
Organizational Development Consultant, Technip USA, Inc.