SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment


Spiritual Intelligence can be defined as, “The ability to act with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace (equanimity), regardless of the situation.”

The SQ21TM Spiritual Intelligence assessment is a proprietary online assessment which includes a series of questions and produces a report (of approximately 20 pages) that defines and assesses your level of development for each of the twenty-one SQ skills which include:

  • Awareness of one’s own worldview
  • Complexity of inner thought
  • Awareness of worldviews of others
  • Living your purpose and values
  • Being a wise and effective leader and change agent

These tangible skills can be learned through practice and developed through clearly-defined levels.

The SQ21 is inspired by many wisdom traditions and developmental models, including the stages of adult development, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, Physical Intelligence (PQ), Cognitive Intelligence (IQ), and Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ).  The SQ21 serves as a stand-alone assessment and at its higher developmental levels, can also be viewed as a “capstone intelligence”, in other words, it integrates and amplifies all the other “intelligences”.

We offer a comprehensive coaching package for debriefing the report, creating a personal action plan and coaching to your developmental goals.

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SQ21TM was developed by Cindy Wigglesworth, founder of Deep Change


“Cindy Wigglesworth has devised an assessment that is an excellent overview of the process of general spiritual intelligence itself, including developmental variables—and thus one I can highly recommend!”

Ken Wilber, Author, A Brief History of Everything, founder, Integral Institute

Testimonial – SQ21

“Jan’s debrief of my SQ21 assessment was both intuitive and insightful and she made sure that I completely understood what she was explaining. This in turn helped me to use that information in real-world situations. The interpretation of the findings, and the subsequent coaching with her, inspired me to venture into a new profession that I am passionate about. Her professionalism and expertise is both helpful and compelling.”

—K. Pica Kahn,
Realtor, International Relocations Keller Williams – Memorial, Houston, TX