Global Leadership Excellence

Do you want to increase your capacity to communicate effectively as you live and work across cultures? Do you want to know how to deal with ‘culture shock’ in an informed and creative way? Would you like to eliminate confusion and disorientation when dealing with different world views, lifestyles and customs? >learn more

Expatriate Partner Empowerment Program

Do you want to know how to maximize the opportunities that are inherent to creating a new life for yourself overseas? Would you like to find fulfillment and purpose that is sustainable and empowering, even when you are far away from friends and family? Do you want to learn how to develop trusting relationships when interacting across different cultures? Would you like to create a sense of ‘home’ both within yourself and in your new surroundings? The Expatriate Partner Empowerment Program can give you the support structure you need during this critical time.> learn more

Personal Leadership

Do you want to mindfully and creatively take leadership of yourself when faced with challenges and personal and professional transitions? Do you want to recognize the possibilities and choices that you have in your life, work and relationships? Our Leadership Coaching process, based on the Personal Leadership: Making a World of Difference™ methodology, will help you stay open to inspiration in the midst of uncertainty, conflict, or change.>learn more