Personal Leadership: Making a World of Difference

After decades of working across cultures, both internationally and locally – it is clear that leadership goes far beyond the leading of others.

personal leadershipIn truth, all effective leadership derives from the mastery of personal leadership. This means taking leadership of yourself, accessing your inner wisdom, your full intelligence, and your personal resources.

Through our Personal Leadership program, you will gain the ability to:
• Increase your capacity to work effectively and creatively when faced with differences of opinion, values, and behaviors.
• Take leadership of yourself when faced with challenges and personal and professional transitions.
• Notice and disentangle from your self-limiting assumptions and automatic behaviors.
• Create a personal or professional vision for the many possibilities in your life, work and relationships.
• Stay open to inspiration in the midst of uncertainty, conflict, or change.

The central method we use is called Personal Leadership: Making a World of Difference™.  This method has been developed and tested for over 15 years with people from all over the world, in a wide variety of contexts including leadership development, global business, teambuilding, intercultural relations, international education, study abroad, community building, international cooperation and expatriate services.

The Personal Leadership Program is a 3-month coaching experience which includes the following:
• Intensive individual or small-group coaching sessions (3 per month)
• Access to additional background resources
• 24/7 email support via the Culture-Conscious International Online Journal*
*The Culture-Conscious International Online Journal is a secure online platform where you can take notes and reflect on your experiences and challenges. I will be notified very time you make an entry and I will respond to you in a timely manner. This frequent 2-way communication with your coach creates a supportive and efficient environment in which to process your thoughts, insights, goals and growth.

Our coaching packages are fully customized to fit your specific needs and situation. Please contact us for more information.

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“When we choose self-reflection, self-development, and creative collaboration, we unlock transformative possibilities for everyone.”

—Sheila Ramsey, PhD, Barbara Schaetti, PhD, Gordon Watanabe, EdD, Founders, PL Seminars

Testimonial – Personal Leadership

"Jan is a very thorough, reliable and wonderful coach. As a management consultant and professional coach myself, and having attended several Personal Leadership (PL) workshops in the past, I wanted to enhance my learning of PL in order to teach it to one of my long term clients. Jan’s step by step coaching and support has helped me to build my confidence and enabled me to see and experience the powerful effects of PL. With our frequent pauses for reflection during our sessions, I sensed that Jan not only coaches PL, she lives it herself and I am inspired to do the same. After having struggled in the past to finish creating my PL vision statement, I was able to do it quickly this time around - I am thrilled! Every day I now read it, see it and even “taste” it!"

—Kikue Yamamoto
Office Yamamoto Ltd., Japan

"Jan’s approach to coaching utilizes Personal Leadership, a deceptively simple method that requires deep personal work. A key feature is her Journal writing platform: it was a great incentive to keep me on top of what I needed to do and made my thinking more intentional. Writing provides the opportunity to reflect on ideas/concepts and process learnings, receive coaching in-between sessions, and be ready for the following session.

I worked with Jan in preparation for a Training that I needed to attend. To say I was well prepared is an understatement; even with my limited exposure to the material prior to our work together, I felt like a pro during the Training. Jan was very thoughtful in designing our coaching program and adjusted as necessary.

I loved how generous Jan is with her time, insight, and energy. She has a great mix of calmness and vitality that works beautifully." Thank you, Jan!

-- Begoña Lozano
Intercultural Consultant, USA