Meet Jan

I am passionate about supporting global business leaders to become more effective and inspired so that they can expand what is possible in their leadership. What I mean by “what is possible” is the cross-cultural context where so often, leaders struggle.

In my experience of working in multicultural environments for the last thirty years, I recognize the broad challenges that leaders face – developing trusting relationships, building multicultural teams that work together effectively, integrating different cultures with different work styles, values and languages. With these challenges and more, it is hard to meet deliverables or to reach goals when people are struggling to communicate effectively.

By working with me, you will learn how to eliminate confusion and disorientation when dealing with different world views and business practices, and you will develop more trusting relationships with your international counterparts. You will also learn to develop a practice of self-leadership that will give you the skills and confidence to successfully handle the challenges and opportunities of living and working across cultures.

More about Jan: I am a US/UK dual national, currently based near London, UK. I was born in Nottingham, England – the land of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. After leaving a career in broadcasting, I moved to Houston, USA. I have also relocated to France, Singapore and Thailand. During those times of moving around the world, I discovered that building trusting relationships and phenomenal communications can completely transform the multicultural workplace.

Jan O'Brian Culture Conscious

Having lived in the South-East Asia region, I am also passionate about cooking Asian food. The tastes, the textures, the colors and the fragrant spices continue to remind me of life in the tropics. Ultimately though, whether it’s taking Tea by the Thames, Tex-Mex Tacos in Texas or “Tom Yum Gung” soup in Thailand, I feel at home wherever I go.


Master Certified Coach, International Association of Coaching (IAC)
Board Certified Coach, Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE)
Certified Group Coach, School of Coaching Mastery
Senior Facilitator with Personal Leadership Seminars
Qualified Administrator, Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

• Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach (ISEI)
Certified Facilitator, Cultural Detective and Cultural Detective Online
Accredited Consultant for The International Profiler (TIP), WorldWork Ltd.
Certified Journal-Based Coach with Frame of Mind Coaching
Certified SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coach, Deep Change
Certificate in Intercultural Studies, University of British Columbia.


• International Association of Coaching (IAC)
• London Coaching Group (LCG)
• Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC)
• Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research (SIETAR UK)
• Internations
• Integral Life