How We Work

nasa earthOur coaching packages are available individually or they can be customized and integrated according to your specific needs and requirements.

The coaching formats that we offer are:

  • One-to-one coaching (individual clients)
  • Small group coaching (up to 8 clients per group)

Our coaching sessions are conducted by telephone, Skype or online platform. This enables us to support you wherever you are living or working, be it in the US or overseas.

Our coaching packages include our unique online journal support between sessions.  The Culture-Conscious International Online Journal is a secure online platform where you can take notes and reflect on your experiences and challenges.  We will be notified very time you make an entry and you will receive a timely response from your coach.

We also offer shorter, on-demand coaching sessions any time you need to discuss important issues and challenges while traveling.

Please contact us to arrange a complimentary conversation.