The International Profiler (TIP)

tipThe International Profiler® (TIP®), developed by WorldWork Ltd., is a tool that helps you, or your organization, to cultivate an intercultural mindset. Its focus is uniquely on you and how you as an individual approach your work in the international arena and it reflects the ways in which you would tend to behave in intercultural settings.

What is TIP?

  • A web-based psychometric questionnaire and feedback process
  • Based on the International Competency Framework derived from extensive multicultural research and practical experience of international managers
  • Develops your ability to operate effectively in unfamiliar cultural contexts
  • Measures the emphasis and energy you give to 10 competencies, with 22 associated skills, attitudes and knowledge areas
  • Emphasis is on your personal development and raising cultural awareness
  • Complete a series of questions on-line and receive a copy of your scored report, sent to you by your licensed coach
  • The tool is available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Mandarin



The Feedback Provides:

  • Structured discussion based on your areas of emphasis, with particular reference to your present or future international challenges
  • Identification of three or four qualities requiring greater emphasis in the future
  • Initiation of a development process involving creation of your Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Benefits of TIP

  • Identify your individual gap “What do I need personally to be more effective in an international context?”
  • Close your individual gaps “What can I DO at a personal level to close any gaps?”
  • Understand organizational implications “How can we find out the potential skills gaps for a target group of individuals?”

The International Profiler can be effectively integrated into our Cross-Cultural Coaching and Leadership Development Coaching services.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you to cultivate an intercultural mindset with TIP.

 the international profiler

Testimonial-The International Profiler

“I had the benefit of working with Jan as the “Coach for Coaches” while working on my own professional development plan focusing on international and cross cultural coaching both domestic and abroad. I was fortunate to work with Jan as a client, developing my business plan by using The International Profiler in order to identify my cross cultural strengths and areas for development.

After working with Jan, I feel more prepared to face the international challenges of my job. Using The International Profiler and having the benefit of an executive coach to debrief the results, helped me develop a plan of action for greater effectiveness in the international arena. Jan’s coaching, as a highly skilled professional in the field of global leadership coaching, helps executives and teams identify challenges and opportunities that benefit individuals and organizations working across cultures. Today, I am more prepared and equipped to expand my practice into the international arena!”

-Teri Grier
President, Dynamic Coaching and Consulting